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Quick Response to QR

A while back (has it been a year?) CMG rolled out a test platform using a QR code for one of our clients. A QR code is this nifty black and white square design thingy. Yes, I'm sure that's the technical term. For smart phone users with the app, you snap a pic of the code and it trans-magically takes the user to a web page, a coupon, a pdf or whatever creative element it is designed to do. In our pilot case, it was to a massive pdf file that held every bit of info our client ever wanted to distribute.

Since our first launch, we've added additional clients ranging from magazine ads directing to discount coupons, outdoor flyers directing to web pages and direct mail directing to microsites. Frankly I have been pleased with how well CenTex is adapting. While this technology has been present in Asia for years, it's been slow to adopt in the US. As we've watched QRs develop in our larger markets, it has been fun testing the waters here at the home base.

If you were reading the Temple Telegram or lurking on their site (we likes the Telegram), you may have noticed a neat little story they put out on the subject. In the near future, they'll be offering "a new technology" called QR codes to their subscribers. On the outset it looks to be a move to create a bit more interactivity, but if the market adapts, it could be a cool source for users to get all kinds of goodies. At any case, good on the Telegram.

Now if the QR thing sounds interesting, this year is going to be an exciting one. Between branching out into app building for mobile devices and tablets, to *whispers* geofencing, we'll be arming clients with some pretty cool stuff...and we likes cool stuff.