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CMG Beats the National Average on Click-Through

"We just landed an internet account. You should look into internet placement." We at CMG checked into it, and it seems we're pretty good at it!  Happens when you've had a few years of experience doing it! I wish I could say that conversation happened 6 years ago, but let's just say it was more recent. It was one of those statements that when you hear it, you get that kind of confused half-grin look as you wait for a punchline that never comes.

A recent example: We were contacted by Temple's Railroad and Heritage Museum to help out with their Old Fashioned Train Day promotion. There's nothing old fashioned about the RRHM's aggressiveness in their desire to promote their museum. Kudos to the dedicated staff over there for letting us mix traditional and web-native media.

After doing some down and dirty analytics, we realized their was qualified potential for a touch with the Austin region. Within a short time we enacted a simple media buy strategically placed and targeted to a specific demographic. The result even had the Austin American Statesman giving us a nod for a response that was far higher than the national average for click-throughs. Now that makes us sound good, but that stat isn't the important one. The one that matters was the crowd at the Santa Fe Depot. Congrats to RRHM for a very nice event.