CMG loves marketing and advertising. We are driven to excel. Our purpose is to produce effective marketing strategies and ad creative for our clients that get them in the marketplace.

We are a full service ad agency. Whether you are looking for video post-production, color correction, application development for mobile devices, traditional web development, social media strategies, or media buying (digital and print) involving single or multi-market placement, you will find it at Concentus Media Group. This is what we do.

Frankly if you're not providing a benefit for those who hire you, hardware is meaningless. So we start off with a couple of case studies. Then we're going to mix in a little of this and a little of that.

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Was reading up on a DMA survey this morning. I'm a digital monster so direct mail has always been just something I toss away. Note: I'll pretend that digital mail isn't something I just hit delete on. However the response rates ha ...

There is a tie in that naturally happens between product development and marketing. Sometimes people try to place more emphasis on one at the expense of the others or figure that one will bolster the other. When you don't account for marketing, research and usability, what happens? You can drop 45%

Apple recently released ...

If it's not about your consumer, what's it about?

"This works and here's why." It's a simple formula and a simple message. Sure, you can drop a creative headline or tagline. Throw a little bling out ther ...