Glamour Shots

Services Utilized

TV & Radio
Online Media Placement
Direct Mail Campaigns
Newspaper Ad Placement
Magazine Ad Placement

There is no room for complacency when it comes to keeping
Glamour Shots in the public eye. Our client is used to having
at least 2 of her 3 locations in the top 5 in sales for all Glamour Shots
locations and frequently ranks 1, 2 and 3. She reminds us that the
only difference between her stores' sales performance and the rest
of the Glamour Shots locations nationally is Concentus Media Group.

We are certainly flattered but in truth our success is built on a
great partnership. From portrait selection for an ad series to
headline/copy writing to clearly convey value, the process
is always about clear and open communication.

Our recommendation to her has always been to remain
visible to the potential customer through consistent placement.
We accomplish this through a wide variety of media including
newspaper and magazine advertising, outdoor, television
and radio.

Each piece is designed to convey the idea that
Glamour Shots provides a unique experience, produces
portraits that are second to none and is versatile in their
portrait offerings. We carefully monitor store performance
and tweak design and media selection to match the
sentiments of our key demographic in each location.
In other words, what may work in Killeen and/or
Austin may not work in McAllen, etc. Our ultimate
advertising goal/outcome is when a family or
individual is considering investing in a portrait,
Glamour Shots is always top of mind.

We congratulate Glamour Shots and the fine
staff at all of her locations for their
outstanding performance during the
recent Glamour Shots Franchise Meeting in Oklahoma. Included in the awards
presented to her studios were Top Sales, Top Licensee of the Year,
Manager of the Year and Most Wall Portrait Sold and several other
Best Of and Runner Up awards.