Target Research

Who are you trying to reach? Who are your users or consumers? What do they want and expect from you? Usability studies, focus groups, even 1 on 1 conversations provide the information you use to answer these questions.

Market Analysis

The landscape is competitive. Don't just understand what your competition is doing, understand how people are interacting with their service or products. How is your competition positioned? What can you learn from them? What is your position?

Media Planning & Placement

There's a reason agencies still debate the hierarchy of Creative vs Placement. Limited budgets also mean our partners must strike a balance between concentration and dispersion. Deciding on reach, frequency and vehicles are only part of the equation. It's why we pay attention to target research and market analysis.


CMG earns our keep with analytics and measurement. We have a strong focus to create campaigns where results are continually measured and improvements are based on prior success. If you can't brag, neither can we.

Public Relations

Traditionally Public Relations is thought of crafting press releases for disribution to targeted media. CMG consciders this limited view of public relations underestimates the growing influence and reach PR has in today's social environment.

Television & Corporate Video

Newspaper & Magazine

Digital Web



Identity Assets

Large Format Printing


Trade Show Displays & Design



Direct Mail

Annual Reports

Newsletters & Email

Digital Photography

Special Events

Packaging Design


The ability to develop, deploy, and adjust your business quickly is a key feature your web platform has to deliver. Does your web presence integrate with third party applications or platforms? Areas of CMG experience include database development, e-commerce solutions, social media integration and billing applications.


Content Management Systems offer the quick response that allows you to react to your changing environment when you demand, not when your developer demands. CMG's CMS experience ranges from hand coded custom packages to generic open source installations such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.


In a smaller world, all politics are local. News is becoming more and more local. Commerce IS local. CMG covers third party implementation as well as payment gateway connectivity.

Digital Marketing

The basics of brand building are universal. Using new technology doesn't in itself bring success. Our approach is to be intelligent, creative and relevant.

Social Media

Why do we care about multiple social platforms? Because consumers care about multiple social platforms. The Plains Indians were nomadic because you don't hunt in empty pastures. What is your social media plan? Did you know we're an hour away from the fastest growing US Market for Google+? Why would we know that?

Online Digital Planning

Do you plan to push or pull? Which one should you do? What is your target's preference and how are they interacting with your brand? Digital Planning is nothing like looking at circulation, consignment and distribution verifications. What is your plan?