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DMA Says You Still Like a Direct Touch

Was reading up on a DMA survey this morning. I'm a digital monster so direct mail has always been just something I toss away. Note: I'll pretend that digital mail isn't something I just hit delete on. However the response rates have always remained consistent. There are some twists though according to this survey. While direct mail and phone score higher response rates, digital (email and social) have a higher ROI.

In my world though, it's all about results. If touches done by phone and snail mail have a better response, why bother with email and social? Because those two have a higher response with existing customers.

Now keep in mind: This could all be the DMA's way of just trying to keep direct mail relevant. Coming out of this political season and being able to force run-offs with opponents grossly out spending us, I think there's still a place for direct mail. After all, there's more time to absorb a message on the walk from the mail box to the trash can than there is from the finger to the delete key.