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A Haskell's Vision Wrapped Up in Apps

I'm coming into your home. While I'm not eyecandy like the vampires of today's teenie movies, you will gladly invite me in. The door-to-door salesman cometh virtually in zeroes and ones.
When I was 6 or so, you could follow the trail of expletives down the hall to find my grandfather buried in his walk-in closet turned electronics workshop. Before Jobs and Gates brought the world desktop computing, there was Haskell slinging a soldering gun and building SAM, his first desktop computer. This is what 1978-1980? He had a dream of his computer answering his phone, his doorbell, controlling his thermostat, turning on his lights and yes, changing the channel on the TV...the small one that worked; that sat on the big one that didn't.
Thirty years later his vision is attainable for the meager price tag of $10,000, give or take a few thousand. There are companies that are truly turning homes into Smart Homes. We're not talking just setting a thermostat or turning on a security system from the office. We're talking multi-zone control over entertainment devices, total individual lighting control complete with shading, multi-zone curtain/blinds control, control over digital paintings and photo displays, heck it can even read to you your own custom RSS feed from the New York Times using text-to-speech while you shower! All this through apps developed for iPads and centralized through a Mac-mini.
$10,000 a little too pricey? Well for the inconvenience of a few banner ads, this price will fall. That doesn't sound too bad does it? Not to mention that with wifi and router setups, these applications can tailor ads via surfing preferences or better yet, they may just be deployed through digital deployment studios working in association with traffic aggregators whose sole purpose is to create preference algorithms tied to specific ip addresses (the things that identify your individual devices).
Orwell was only partly correct. Big Brother's not watching you nearly as much as I am watching you. We're in your radio. We're on your TV. We're in your cellphone. We're in your computer. So when you jump in that shower and fire up the RSS feed from the Temple Daily Telegram, don't be surprised that we're there with you, and we take 15-30sec to tell you about a Railroad & Heritage Museum event. Don't be too mad. That 30 second inconvenience saved you thousands in setting up that digital masterpiece of convenience.