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Checking Out Marketing on "Teh Interwebs"

I have to admit going the sheep route on this one. Everyone with a tech slant is piping in on the sudden resignation of Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple. So please excuse my "me to" moment. The thing about Jobs is he understood it was the whole package: the whole package.

It wasn't just marketing a product. It was designing a product to be marketed. It wasn't getting the public to buy product, it was designing a product the public would buy. While "1984" was a shot at his competition, his marketing message shifted to all about the end use once he got to the top.

Jobs understood it wasn't just "Wow, look at our iPod. It's great." It was "Wow, look at what you are doing with your iPod. You're great!" It wasn't about a "thing". It was about "doing" and specifically, what you could be doing.

That was his marketing message. How, in his lectures? Jobs would go directly at competitors like no one's business. Wait. That's inaccurate. He went directly at competitors like a champion knight of his business. I personally have a problem with Apple's proprietary model, their censorship of developers and their complete litigious nature to go after any and all patent competition. When it comes to marketing though, you can't go wrong studying the Apple model.